Just a small selection of thr letters and e-mails
recived by the RASC/RCT club
Photograph shows the Clubs Chairman and the Clubs Secetary presenting a cheque for 100 to the Chairman of Burslem History Club Mr Alan Whitehead in the presence of their Secretary Elaine towards the restoration of the John Baskeyfield V.C memorial in Swan Square, Burslem.
Veterans March to protest against memorial distruction
10,000+ Veterans pertitioned to save historic memorial held in Fenton Town Hall as plans to sell off the Town hall.
Dear Member
i am pleased to inform you that the committee has acquired a new venue for our monthly meeting, this being the Blurton Club LTD, 136 Drubbery Lane, Blurton, Stoke On Trent, ST3 4BT.  Blurton Club is located on the junction of Blurton Road and Drubbery Lane, the car park entrance is located on the Drubbery Lane side of the Club.  Our first meeting will be held on the 8th May 2014 at 20:00Hr's in the back meeting room.  Hopefully we will have a good turn out as we will have a lot to talk about.
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On 12th October 2015 was the opening of the TRI SERVICES & VETERANS SUPPORT CENTRE.  They provide support and guidance to individuals and families of those serving or have served or in any associated branch of the armed forces in the UK, and in the transition from service to civilian life using all and any relevant agencies to achieve there aims.  They are based in newcastle-under-lyme, for more information please click here